We own a coffee-growing estate – Baruffee Estate, it is one of the highest coffee estates in the world and was founded in 1968. It is located at 1900 meters above sea level in the Baru Volcano region with  high altitude, gentle climate, rich and fertile volcanic soil that allows Baruffee Estate to produce one of the best coffee beans in the world!

Baruffee Estate Coffee Beans


Rich in flavor of coco & nut ,combing the aroma of citrus & moderate fruit acidity.

Baruffee Estate Geisha Coffee Beans


Balanced sweet flavor between oak & maple syrup together with the scent of jasmine & the acidity of citrus.

Our coffee beans are shipped directly  from Panama to Hong Kong and we roast them via the PROBAT coffee roaster (Top German Brand ) in our Hong Kong factory. From roasting to the delivery to the coffee shop, the whole process is completed within 7 days which keeps the freshness of the coffee beans. Also, we closely monitor the supply chain starting from harvesting, bean selection, roasting to coffee shop, hoping to bring customers the original Panamanian coffee, customers can feel the unique charm of our  coffee estate.

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